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How To Promote Independence In Your Preschooler

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It can be difficult to think of your preschool child as an independent being. While they’re not ready to branch out into the great big world all alone just yet, encouraging a sense of independence during their preschool years is important for the development of a healthy self-esteem, empathy for others, and the ability to solve problems. While the temptation to guide their every move so they don’t get hurt can be compelling, now is the time to give them the skills they need to achieve great things on their own. Read More»

5 Resources to Ask About When Enrolling at an Adult-Education Center

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If you are considering enrolling in classes at an adult-education center, you may be surprised to realize that many programs across the nation are well-developed and able to support adult learners of various backgrounds, skill levels, and needs. Whether you want to get your GED, are taking ESL classes, or need to enhance your career through professional development, there is likely an adult-education center near you that can help you achieve your goals. Read More»

How to Furnish and Arrange a Child's Bedroom to Support Montessori Learning

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At the end of the 19th century, Italian educator Maria Montessori developed a groundbreaking approach to learning and teaching. This unique educational philosophy is founded upon several bedrock principles that describe how children best learn. While Montessori education is usually taught within a specialized school setting, parents can also successfully utilize Montessori principles at home. Below is how you can shape a child’s most personal environment, their bedroom, to help them flourish as they grow in mind, body, and spirit. Read More»

2 Ways To Get Prepared For Your Permit Test

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Do you want to get your license so you can drive your own vehicle instead of depending on other people to give you a ride? Before you can officially obtain your license, you will need to get a driving permit. The way to receive your driving permit is to complete an exam that includes a series of different questions designed to test your knowledge about driving on the road and even identifying specific road signs. Read More»

5 Tips For Packing Your Child's Daycare Lunch

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Many daycare centers either require that parents pack lunches for their children or offer parents the option of choosing between a center-provided meal or sending a meal from home. If you decide to send your child’s lunch to daycare with them, there are several things that you should know in order to make it easy and safe for your child to eat their lunch at school. Below are some tips that will allow you to pack your child’s lunch appropriately. Read More»

Quick Tips For More Effective Classroom Observation As A Student Teacher

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If you are in school to become a teacher, there is likely to be a time when you are required to complete a specific amount of classroom observation. However, observation is not just the act of watching a teacher, as it should also include watching the students to see the level of interaction between the two. In addition, confirming that the majority of students understand and can retain the information being presented is an essential aspect of teaching. Read More»

Can Cataracts Stop You From Flying? Advice For Pilots

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According to the National Eye Institute, more than half of all Americans over the age of 80 have cataracts or have had treatment for the problem. While the condition is less common in younger people, cataracts still cause vision problems for people in their 40s and 50s, which could prove problematic if you want to fly an aircraft. If you or someone you love suffers from cataracts, find out if the condition can affect your eligibility to fly and how you can overcome the problem. Read More»